Let that sh * t go! Bath Bomb

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Let that sh * t go! 

  • at the depot
  • anxiety
  • nervousness
  • social anxiety

Essential oils:

  • jasmine
  • sandalwood 
  • Ylang ylang

We all know situations where we don't have a "soul" hey. And it is in these situations, when we are close and trying to get depressed, we offer a solution in the form of a hot tub with a bomb "Let that sh * t go!". The essential oils in this bomb are mixed exactly for these situations where we need to clear our heads, relax and release all worries.

Each bath bomb contains a mix of essential oils, which always focus on the selected problem, sea salt to supply magnesium and shea butter, which beautifully hydrates the skin.

The bomb weighs 130g. 

Not tested on animals and 100% VEGAN!

Made with love in the Czech Republic.

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