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Last winter, everyone was fascinated by our gingerbread disinfectant gel. Because Mr. Gingerbread has made you so happy, he deserves the whole edition. Equally irresistibly fragrant. You will enjoy the gingerbread scent as a gel, a luxurious scented candle, a glittering bomb and a lip balm in a new design eco package.

GINGERBBREAD gift box contains 4 news:

  • disinfectant gel for the hands, which evokes a Christmas atmosphere on the go
  • bath bomb in a limited scent of Gingerbread with bambooým butter, which beautifulě prohřeje tělo in the winter months
  • (complete novelty) candle with crystal - luxury handmade 100% soy candle with cast crystal inside will scent every home beautifully and will be a beautiful decoration
  • (complete novelty) lip balm with a delicate gingerbread scent

Everything is not tested on animals with HCS certificate and 100% vegan. 

The products are in the box from the original 1175 CZK for a discounted 1090 CZK.

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