12 beauty questions for Anežka: Discover what you don't know about her!

Anežka, before we dive into our beauty questions, I will ask one of the most important. 😊 Who inspired or inspires you the most in your life and why?
I am most inspired by my mother, because she is an incredibly strong woman who has overcome very difficult obstacles in her life. Then the world around me inspires me - nature, cafes, people and their stories.

The very first product you created was liquid brighteners. Why them?
Because I wanted my first product to be innovative and different. At that time, there were no liquid brighteners on the Czech market, and yet it is such a great product that can be used in many ways.

Your lipbalm with glitter is referred to as a bestseller. What makes it so special?
I think it's because it really moisturizes the lips and at the same time has a soft shimmer that optically brightens and "pumps" the lips. In addition, it weighs 11 grams, which is once as much as conventional balms, so it lasts a really long time, which is always useful.

If you could only buy one of your products, what would it be and why?
That's really hard. I have a relationship with each product because I was in creation from start to finish. For me, it's more about a period when I always have a different product. Lipstick is currently my favorite GEMINI, and as the weather starts to be beautiful, I use a shimmer more and more. SATEEN body spraywhich smells like cotton. It is a very pleasant and delicate scent.

Personally, I just love SATEEN spray. When do you like to use it?
I use it all year round. Of course, when it is sunshine, it is the most beautiful, because the skin glitters beautifully, smells delicately and the spray also refreshes. In winter, I enjoy it again for events and balls, where I want to shine beautifully.

Do you agree with the opinion that every woman should have red lipstick at home?
Definitely yes! It's the same symbol for me, like a white shirt or jeans. Red lipstick never goes out of style either, and it's just a classic.

What lipstick and shade do you prefer and why?
As I mentioned, I really like it GEMINI, because it is such a nude earthy shade that suits every make-up look and clothes.

What is your favorite beauty trick?
The best trick I've learned is to gently pull my lips with my matte lipstick. Optically, it can enlarge incredibly lips.

And what about hair and body care? Do you have your favorite routine here, too, that you can't do without?
Yes, I only use Paul Mitchell professional cosmetics for my hair, which has not been tested on animals. Even though my hair is bleached, thanks to these cosmetics, my hair is still healthy. Otherwise, I take care of my body by taking baths to which I add oils, salt or bombs. And as summer approaches, I'm also starting to use Loving Tan self-tanning foams, after which my skin looks like it's from the sea.

What do you think suits every woman?
When she is herself and she is happy! It doesn't have to wear any super lipstick or a perfect outfit, because it shines for itself and it's recognizable.

And men?
The same!

Campaign #ZARIS reminiscent of the intergenerational beauty that can shine at any age. What do you think the compliment means to a woman that it suits her?
Every compliment will boost a woman's self-confidence, and we women need to hear it, whether we are 10 or 80 years old.

When you say inner beauty, what comes to your mind?
When one distributes positive energy around oneself, which is much needed in this world.

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