At the beginning, NOT SO FUNNY ANY was Agnes' dream of having her own cosmetic brand that connects people regardless of age, race and gender. A brand that offers everyone inspiration and an open space to creatively express themselves. A brand that shows the world that makeup is a fascinating expression of personality, a way to express what one feels. Without compromise.


We live in the 21st century, we have made a huge leap in science, research and IT over the last 20 years. We have smartphones, households, cars, we think about the settlement of other planets, commercial trips to the moon, and we also stick deep in the Middle Ages with one foot. There are still prejudices about sexual orientation, gender identity, racial affiliation. There are still people who, for their so-called "otherness", have to be afraid to express themselves openly and are fighting for recognition of their own identity. Because there are people who refuse to accept the very fact of the existence of LGBTQAI, let alone the willingness to accept it.

Why can we have nuclear weapons, but a boy can't make up?

Fortunately, we are also here, who see it differently. You see, it's "different" again. Ours otherwise professes freedom, openness, dialogue, discarding prejudices. We know that freedom does not mean doing what I want, but it places a great deal of personal responsibility on everyone. We do not confuse overcoming senseless, often artificial taboos and prejudices with rejecting laws. Our actions are not driven by fear, economics and willpower, but by love, responsibility, a positive stretch, the art of seeing and creating beauty and enjoying life. 

Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and instead of burning our borders for our views, we can present them publicly. Perhaps the positive energy with which Prague Pride is directly charged will also burn in the hearts of those who are still blind to the subject of LGBTQAI.

 We stand up for LGBTQAI!

You will find the stand NOT SO FUNNY ANY 3. 8. at Shooting Island, Pride Village, 15.00 - 22.00.

For this year, we have chosen HIGHLIGHTER OCEAN TEARS and a novelty from our range of gels - Fizzy Soda - as flagship products. Simply because it is unisex, it is fresh as summer, full of bubbles as a party drink, and its unique holographic etiquette will match all the super fancy outfits we look forward to so much. As we look forward to the whole Prague Pride.


Freedom, equality and the opportunity to be open about ourselves also connect us on Instagram and Facebook.


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