Unique aromatherapy bath bombs combine the best for our body and mind - a mix of essential oils that always focus on the chosen problem, sea salt to supply magnesium and shea butter, which beautifully hydrates the skin. These are three bombs and each one is unique. Period. support your femininity, ZZZ relaxes you before bed and LET THAT SH * T GO! he will drive every depk. 😉

In addition, each of them contains small pieces of flowers or fragrant woods, which together with the delicate scent and caring ingredient will take care of a literally multisensory experience.

Agnes's goal was clear from the beginning: "I know people love bath salt, essential oils and shea butter, but they usually buy it all separately in three different forms. I wanted to combine it all into one product and it worked! ”

Sea salt it supplies your body with valuable magnesium that relaxes muscles and tension. Shea Butter they soften the skin beautifully, so it is silky soft after a bath, without leaving an oily film. And a mixture essential oils lends each of the bombs a mission that turns a normal bath into a relaxing and therapeutic ritual!

"I originally wanted to put almond oil in the bombs, but the result was crazy. Everything, including me and the bathtub, was greasy. Only after adding shea butter did I finally find exactly what I was looking for all the time. "

In addition, the shape of the bomb was specially developed into the 3D shape of the new NOT SO FUNNY ANY logo. Use the whole "ac" for intensive bath therapy, or break one or two balls to diversify and you will get a soft foam and scent. The composition is also enriched with a special component that does not leave a greasy or colored film on the surface of the bathtub, so you can simply rinse it with lukewarm water after the bath. And your skin will remain pleasantly scented and perfectly supple. 😉

Dear ANYBABES, have you tried Agnes's essential bomb yet? If so, share your experience with us in the comments. 😊

We believe that you will enjoy a magical and fragrant autumn with them. 😘

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