That's exactly what they are MAKEUP REMOVER PUFFS! Two fluffy like a palm reusable! and of course pink make-up puffs. Just as we do everything for the beauty of our body, we want beauty for our nature and mind. That's why Anežka designed these amazing puffs, which can be used beautifully over and over again. Already no waste or unnecessary waste. The only thing that remains is clean, soft to the touch and perfectly removed skin, feeling good and two stuffed animals who make you happy at home and on the go.

Did you know that a person produces on average about 340 kg of waste per year? Deliberately try to calculate how much disposable make-up tampons make. We use them almost every day, definitely more than one, and then we throw them away. The wind in the wallet and the landscape covered with make-up tampons. So at least we can successfully turn this around and end it.

Puffs are specially developed from 100% microfiber so that Remove makeup and all the impurities of the day using only water. The wind in the wallet will thus stop making expensive make-up water. The surface of the puffs consists of super fine plush hairs, which rid the skin of dead cells and impurities in the smallest pores. Gently, gently and without irritation. They do not contain any chemicals, they are suitable for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin types. For perfect make-up removal, a few strokes with a fluffy puff soaked in lukewarm or warm water are enough.

After use, wash them by hand with soap, rinse with clean water and allow to dry. If you want to have it with all the show, use our glycerin CRYSTAL SOAPS, where you can be sure of the pure natural composition of the soap without sulphates. Of course, puffs can be washed in a washing machine and dried in a dryer once in a while. We only recommend avoiding fabric softeners and not drying at too high a temperature.

With puffs, there are also excuses for not removing make-up from the skin. They don't add weight to a suitcase or purse and they are perfectly foldable. You can only remove yourself with lightning speed using water. You will see that they will become your indispensable guide on the road and at home. 

Mile #ANYBABES, it is time to become responsible also for the beauty of our planet and to contribute to the reduction of waste by an ecological approach in make - up removal. 

It's time to pack new suitcases and homes eco plush toys in pink NOT SO FUNNY ANY design. :-)

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