#ZARIS: You can shine at any age

When we were preparing the campaign #ZARIS, the world was still in its classic course and we couldn't wait to introduce it to you. A celebration of female beauty that cannot be handcuffed.

3 generations, 3 exceptional women, 3 views to the world. Women who combine incredible energy and femininity, which is reflected in the campaign #ZARIS dedicated to women of all generations.

The founder of the NOT SO FUNNY ANY brand, our Anežka, Janka's mother, whom you may also know as a coach from the popular TV show Prima Tlouštíci, and grandmother Maria, who celebrated her 1th birthday on March 80 this year. Together, they break down prejudices in the campaign and show how easy can you depict and promote your femininity with "trendy" type products highlighter.

Brighteners or highlights they will help to brighten your skin thanks to the contained glitter and the reflection of light, in several places on the face. It is applied to the most prominent areas, such as the cheekbones or collarbones, at the tip of the nose and above the upper lip. And he can also improve his eyebrows - apply it under his entire line and it will be perfectly adjusted.

Highlighter is also the best partner for tired eyes. By applying it directly to the inner corners, it gently removes shadows and with them the impression of fatigue. On the contrary, the eyes light up beautifully. You can also use the magic of optics when applying it to the groove above the upper lip. Just a small amount and your lips are fuller and more irresistible in an instant. Apply with your fingers or your favorite device.

Don't forget, apply it only to the places you want to emphasize! Avoid avoiding others. ;-)

Away with prejudice! Discover what suits you. You can shine anytime and anywhere and especially at any age. Get inspired in the video that Agnes and her grandmother prepared for you


Mary: Beauty has changed over time. In the past, women did everything for men. I think that today's women like to make themselves beautiful because of themselves. And she can be beautiful.


Janka: That we are most beautiful when we are ourselves and internally satisfied. It is right to take the first place and do for ourselves what we need so that we can then be good moms, partners, friends, colleagues…


Agnes: Women can do the impossible! When I look at how difficult it was in my mother to overcome difficult obstacles in my life, it is really incomprehensible. She is a superhero and an inspiration to me, how I would like to raise children myself one day. Giving them love and supporting them in what they enjoy.

Photo: Janka's mother (from left) used a pink-silver shade Date Night, Agnes silver and white Snowflake and Grandma Maria has a golden body hue 90s.  

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You're all very beautiful, but my grandmother amazed me - she really looks good at 80

Tereza April 23, 2020

The article is great

Vicki Hoang April 21, 2020

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