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The advantageous package contains 6 CLEANSY JELLY disinfectant fragrances for a discounted price of CZK 540. One gel costs 95 CZK and in this package it will only cost you 90 CZK. 

Package includes:

  • WATERMELON - smells like freshly sliced ​​watermelon
  • BUBBLE GUM - smells like pink Hubba Bubba chewing gum
  • LILY OF THE VALLEY - smells like freshly picked lilies of the valley
  • FRESH CUCUMBER - smells like fresh cucumber, pleasantly fresh
  • STRAWBERRY MILK - smells like a strawberry milkshake from a pastry shop
  • FIZZY SODA - smells like refreshing Gin & Tonic

Finally, there is a gel on the market that does not smell of alcohol, smells beautiful, hydrates the skin and yet kills bacteria and viruses! It contains 70% alcohol, which is one of the most effective concentrations, which makes CLEANSY JELLY a very effective disinfectant with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect.

    The bottle is 30 ml and fits not only in small handbags, but also in a trouser pocket, so you can have the gel everywhere at hand - in the car, on shopping or on the plane.

    Application: All you need is one or two drops, which you spread over your entire hands and wave for 5 seconds until the jelly dries. Here and you have clean hands even without the need for water and soap. 

    Not tested on animals and 100% vegan! 

    Made with love in the Czech Republic.

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