1. Introductory provisions

i. These Terms and Conditions specify the relationship between the NOT SO FUNNY ANY, s.r.o. organization, registered address V Jámě 699/1, Nové Město (Prague 1), 110 00 Prague, VAT number: CZ06829791, ID number: 06829791 registered at the Municipal Court in Prague C 289639, as the seller and operator of the e-commerce store www.notsofunnyany.com and the client that agrees upon a purchase agreement with the seller.
ii. The seller has a unified approach towards clients and provides them with the same advantages regardless of whether they are consumers or not. Therefore, the rules established in these Terms and Conditions relate to all clients.
iii. These Terms and Conditions are intended primarily for the purchase of goods via e-commerce. They also apply to an appropriate degree to the purchase of goods via the customer support line.

2. Conclusion of a purchase agreement

i. The purchase agreement can be concluded remotely via the e-commerce store or the customer support line.
ii. When the purchase agreement is concluded remotely, an order created and sent in the e-commerce store or via the customer support line represents a proposal for conclusion of a purchase agreement. The order is valid for a period of 21 days and its acceptance is confirmed by the seller via email. The purchase agreement is then concluded when the seller accepts the proposal by shipping the ordered goods. The buyer is informed of the shipping of goods by email.
iii. The seller provides clients with goods only in an amount common for use within a household. In specific cases (primarily discounts and sales events), the seller is required determine the maximum amount that can be delivered to a client.

3. Withdrawal from the contract without giving reason

i. By law, the consumer is allowed to withdraw from the concluded contract via the internet or by telephone without giving reason within 14 days of the delivery of goods. The seller offers the opportunity to withdraw from the contract without reason to each client within 14 days of the delivery of goods.
ii. If the client wishes to exercise this right, it is necessary to notify the seller of this decision to withdraw from the contract within this timeframe. The most appropriate way to do so is to contact the seller at the email info@notsofunnyany.com or by calling +420 603 896 036. It is also possible to use the contract withdrawal form template that can be found HERE.
iii. If the client withdraws from the contract, the seller will return the purchase price of the goods. If withdrawal is carried out within 14 days of the delivery of goods, the client also has the right to the reimbursement of costs on the delivery of the goods in the amount corresponding to the cheapest possible method of delivery of goods. In cases of later withdrawal from the contract, the seller will only reimburse the purchase price of the goods. The seller will return this sum of money without delay, at the latest within 14 starting on the day of the withdrawal. In accordance with the law, it is possible to delay this reimbursement until the goods are returned to the seller. The same method of payment will be used for reimbursement as was used by the client for purchase if the contracting parties do not agree otherwise.
iv. Goods must be sent back without delay and at latest within 14 days of withdrawal to the address NOT SO FUNNY ANY, s.r.o., registered address V Jámě 699/1, Nové Město (Prague 1), 110 00, or delivered in person upon agreement to the same address. In this case, costs linked to returning goods are payed for by the client.
v. The seller additionally notes that the client is lawfully responsible for the decrease in value of the goods as a result of handling these goods in any other way than is necessary to become acquainted with the goods’ nature, characteristics and functionality (e.g. if the client continues to use the product after already using it once). In addition, the client is not allowed to withdraw from the contract for goods produced according to special requirements or goods adapted to personal needs (e.g. specially engraved packaging) and goods that have been removed from closed packaging that cannot be returned for hygienic reasons (e.g. after opening cosmetic decorative goods or other goods that have come into contact with the skin).
vi. The contract may not be withdrawn in cases of the use of gift service – this possibility applies only to products themselves, not to gift wrapping.

4. Returns

i. In cases in which the goods have a defect upon delivery, the seller may agree with the client upon compensation in the form of a voucher. The client furthermore has the right to request the defect be removed via the delivery of a substitute or via repair. In cases in which removing the defect would be impossible or unreasonable for the seller, the client has the right to request a discount from the purchase price and, if this defect is significant, has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement. The client has these rights even in cases in which the given defect manifests itself at a later time.
ii. The seller is responsible for defects of the goods if they appear within two years of the delivery of the goods or until their date of applicability listed on the packaging of the goods.
iii. Defective goods are primarily considered to be those that do not have the common or listed characteristics, do not serve their purpose, do not meet requirements of legal provisions or have not been delivered in the agreed amount. The seller notes that heightened sensitivity or possible allergic reactions to delivered goods themselves cannot be considered defects. Similarly, deficiencies of gifts and other gratuitous transactions provided by the seller outside the framework of the order cannot be considered to be defects of goods. Images of goods in the e-commerce store are of an illustrative character and do not depict a binding image of the goods’ characteristics (e.g. the package of the goods may differ if changed by the manufacturer).
iv. All questions concerning returns can be sent to the email address info@notsofunnyany.com or by calling the telephone number +420 603 896 036 Returned goods must be sent to the address NOT SO FUNNY ANY, sro with its registered office at V Jámě 699/1, Nové Město (Prague 1), 110 00, together with the filled out return form that can be found HERE. If the form has been filled out without the help of personnel, the defect of the goods, how the defect manifests itself or a request for a method of processing the return must be stated.
v. The seller will inform the client of the course of the return, primarily of its acceptance, processing or refusal via email, text message or via telephone. The seller will make a decision on the return without delay. Processing a return including the removal of the defect will not take longer than 30 days. In the opposite case, the client has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement. The client’s cooperation is crucial for upholding the given duration of time.
vi. In the event that the return is justified, costs linked to returning goods are paid for by the seller.

5. Payment method and delivery

i. Payment methods and delivery can be chosen from the offered options. Before the order is shipped, the client is always notified of the selected method of payment and delivery and the costs that are related to them.
ii. Currently offered payment and delivery methods together with their prices can be found on the www.notsofunnyany.com.
iii. The seller reserves the right to provide delivery of goods for free in certain cases.

6. Additional information

i. The seller provides to the client various discounts or gift and other vouchers. Their use follows the rules about which the client is always informed by the seller in individual cases. If not stated otherwise, every discount or gift voucher can be used only once and only one voucher of the same kind can be used within one purchase. In cases in which the value of the gift card is higher than the value of the whole purchase, the difference cannot be carried over to a new voucher and the unspent sum will not be reimbursed.
ii. In regard to a completed purchase, the client may be sent a questionnaire by a third party. The client thus has the opportunity to share his/her experience with the purchase of goods with others.

7. Sending samples

i. Selected clients are offered the Sample Sending service for free by the seller. The seller reserves the right to offer clients the opportunity to have samples sent free of charge in order to test products and other cosmetic goods offered in the e-commerce store.
ii. Selection of samples is limited to warehouse stock and the current offer of the e-commerce store.
iii. The free Sample Sending service is aimed at informing clients of the e-commerce store’s offer and is not for determining quality or design according to the sample. The free Sample Sending service is a free-of-charge service of a marketing character and does not represent fulfillment in terms of a purchase agreement. Thus any discrepancy in the delivered sample does not imply claims stemming from defective performance.
iv. The client can be contacted in order to verify satisfaction with a selected product and, by requesting to have a product sent, the client gives his agreement to be contacted.

8. General information

i. According to the Act on the Registration of Sales, the seller is required to provide the client with a receipt. At the same time, the seller is required to register the received sale with the on-line tax administrator; in cases of technical failures, this must be done within 48 hours at the latest.
ii. The entity for extrajudicial proceedings in the event of a dispute, or the entity for processing customer complaints, is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, registered address Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, IČ: 000 20 869, website: http://www.coi.cz, established by Act no. 64/1986 Coll., on the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, which the client may address via the on-line Consumer Centre of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority’s website. Potential disputes can be dealt with online via the relevant ODR platform.
iii. The agreement is concluded in the Czech language and conforms to the laws of the Czech Republic. The place of performance is the city of Prague.
iv. All prices of goods and services are listed with VAT, which is valid the moment the order is shipped. In the event that the VAT changes before the contract of purchase or shipping of goods takes place, the client is required to pay for the arrears with regard to his/her chosen payment method, or the seller should without delay send the client an email message with a request asking how the excess payment can be paid back to the client. A part of the delivery of goods is a tax certificate that the seller can also send electronically via email on the order’s shipment. All prices of goods including discount prices are valid until they are recalled or supplies are sold out.
v. By shipping the order, you are agreeing with the shipment of a tax certificate in electronic form. We will send the tax certificate electronically in an email upon the order’s shipment. If you would like a tax certificate sent in paper form, write us a message and we will send the tax certificate together with the goods.
vi. All prices of goods including discount prices are valid until they are recalled or supplies are sold out.