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The advantageous package contains all 3 CLEANSY JELLY - watermelon, chewing gum and black grape with kiwi for a discounted price of 270 CZK. One gel normally costs 95 CZK and in this package it will only cost you 90 CZK. 

Finally, there is a gel on the market that does not smell of alcohol, smells beautiful, hydrates the skin and yet kills bacteria and viruses! It contains 70% alcohol, which is one of the most effective concentrations, which makes CLEANSY JELLY a very effective disinfectant with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect.

Package includes:

  • WATERMELON - smells like freshly sliced ​​watermelon. 
  • BLACK GRAPE & KIWI - smells like a black grape with kiwi and we can only reveal that this smell smells to everyone! 
  • BUBBLE GUM - smells like pink Hubba Bubba chewing gum. 

The bottle is 30 ml and fits not only in small handbags, but also in a trouser pocket, so you can have the gel everywhere at hand - in the car, on shopping or on the plane.

Application: All you need is one or two drops, which you spread over your entire hands and wave for 5 seconds until the jelly dries. Here and you have clean hands even without the need for water and soap. 

Not tested on animals and vegan! 

Made with love in the Czech Republic.

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