AMCO 22 lip balm

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Not So Funny Anyway comes with the first product designed in collaboration
with influencer. Anežka was clear from the beginning that she would address the rapper, the singer, the businessman and her love of life in one. The novelty in the form of lip balm got the best of her cosmetic art into the wreath AMCO he adorned with a design cover and an extraordinary experience.

AMCO 22 LIP BALM boasts a brand new recipe and packaging. The composition is completely natural. The balm is very pleasant on the lips and moisturizes beautifully. You will appreciate it
even that it is colorless, with a delicate woody scent, and therefore unisex.

The cover in an iconic black design with the AMCO 22 signature is newly made of 100% cardboard. The brand also expands its Cruelty & Animal & Vegan Friendly mission with an ecological dimension. In the new eco package, it will now continue to bring other news.

You may already know that AMCO recently launched its own luxury percing brand. The idea of ​​giving cooperation a completely unique dimension was born thanks to this. A gold ring with diamonds worth is poured into one of the balms 16 Kč! Anyone who finds it will also be so lucky to be applying this beautiful oneéhim pearcing comes
and AMCO itself, with which it will be possible
é to take a picture as a souvenir.

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