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Makeup remover puffs are two really big, fluffy and fluffy make-up remover puffs that can be used over and over again. No more waste and unnecessary waste burdening nature, just clean skin and a good feeling.

Puffs are designed and engineered for precise make-up removal, for which only hot water is enough. The soaked puff pair of strokes removes makeup and impurities and leaves the skin clean
and soft to the touch. After removing the puff, just wash it by hand with soap (we recommend our crystal soaps, which are sulfate-free, natural and vegan), rinse
and reuse.

You no longer need more than these puffs to remove make-up. You can use them at home as well as on the road, where they do not take up any space and do not add weight to your suitcase or handbag. They are made of 100% microfiber and can also be easily washed
in the washing machine and dry in the dryer.

Package contains 2 PUFFY.



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